the Facts


What is the minimum order?

For items that are in stock we can accept orders for 20 sq ft, which is one side of leather. For custom runs, the minimum order is dependent on the product and the leather weight. Generally, custom runs will start with a minimum order quantity of 150 sq ft per product and per color.


If there is a problem with your leather purchase, you can return the uncut leather within 30 days of the invoice date and we will refund the purchase price. Please return the unused leather and a copy of the invoice to our physical address. Original delivery fees are refunded only if returns are for defective leather or incorrect orders placed by TR. We are not responsible for return freight costs.

Is Cordovan available by the side?

Cordovan is a unique product produced from a particular part of the horsehide. The irregular shaped shells are tanned with a 6 month tanning process that is unique to Horween Leather Company and the end result is a leather that has a rich, distinct look. On average the shells will measure 1.75 sq ft per shell and is dependent on the grade that we have available. At the moment, only our Cordovan Chips are available in Black and Color 8 (Burgundy) with extended lead times.

What ounce weight is cordovan available in?

Cordovan will vary in weight from shell to shell and even within each shell. We normally see a weight range of 2.5oz. in the flap area and up to 4.5oz in the center of a heavy shell.

Do you offer pure vegetable tanned leather?

Yes. Essex/Dublin/Derby, Cordovan and Russet Horsebutt Strips. We introduce a rich blend of oils and waxes into the Essex/Dublin/Derby leathers which distinguishes from other tanneries offering vegetable tanned leather.

What is the turnaround time for my order?

On average, orders are delivered within 3-8 weeks depending on whether the order is from existing inventory, sourced from a load of leather running through the tannery or a custom order. More precise timing is available when the order is placed.

Do you publish price list for all of your leather offerings?

We do not because the hide market fluctuates frequently. Prices are dictated by the type of leather, ounce weight and quantity requested. Horween Leather Company produces the highest quality, US tanned leather available in the marketplace. Prices typically range from $8-$13 per sq ft. Please contact us directly to review pricing options.

Can you send me leather swatches?

Yes. Leather swatches are free of charge for customers in North America. Shipping charges apply to customers located outside of North America.


Aniline Finish
Leather finished with a clear top in order to show the natural grain of the leather.
Leather that has been sueded, In can also be referred to as snuffed, nubuck or grain-sueded leather.
Color that rubs off finished leather
Leather that has been tanned but not finished. Crust leathers are often colored/dyed, but no finishing oils or treatments have been added.
Shrunken, shriveled or wrinkled grain surface of leather.
Prints, are heat-pressed onto surface. Scotch and pebbled prints are common.
A surface application on the leather to color, protect, or mask imperfections.